Change & transformation

Change is vital, for your customers and for you. But along with change come a lot of challenges, especially on a human level. We help you tackle them head-on.

Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A’s are particularly prone to failure. It goes without saying to do due diligence on the books, and managing people comes in second. But your hardest challenges are not in the finances. Your remedy? Manage your M&A at both organisational and people level.

Organisational culture

Your organisational culture impacts your teams, customers and partners. A consciously created culture can turn out to be your strongest asset.

Emotional intelligence

As change becomes more and more of a constant in our day-to-day work, emotional intelligence not only helps us to cope. It is a vital set of skills that allows us to focus on what really matters and to better understand and manage our own and others’ emotions.


Depending on your teams and on the situation, leadership can mean leading, mentoring, teaching, facilitating, and many more things. It is vital to get a view on your manager’s leadership styles, because their impact on teams is key for all people experiences, both inside and outside your company.


All controversy about burn-outs aside, we must all admit: stress is real. And the same way people can be sensitive to perceiving stress, people can also be susceptible to inducing it with others. It is crucial that your managers create a great “employee experience” and lower stress within their teams.